A Flexibag is a big bag specially made of selected compatible materials, for the use of the storage, packing, and transport of liquid cargoes. A one-off Flexibag turns a 20 feet container into a tool for transport of liquid cargoes.

Flexibag is suitable for bulk non-hazardous liquid cargoes such as:

  • Edible Oil
  • Food
  • Water
  • non-hazardous chemical products

Capacity of a flexibag: 16cbm to 24cbm
Standard layout of flexibag: monolithic construction of seamless layers/2-3 layers of PE inner bags, 1 layer PP outer bag/3 inches standard ball valve.


  • To store more 40% of liquid than using tank container.
  • Same freight cost as 20DC, more economical than using tank container.
  • No return and cleaning cost. No risks of contamination.
  • Greatly lower the demurrage and storage of the container.
  • Easy to operate and environmental.

Service and training: As a professional logistics provider of flexibag container, DYLO Logistics provides training for the customers who transport their cargoes by flexibags first time until they learn to skillfully use the flexibag.