Temperature-sensitive cargo requires a level of service and expertise you can trust. Con-way Multimodal's refrigerated trucking offerings utilize the industry's latest fuel-efficient, SmartWay-certified refrigerated trucking equipment to protect your goods from heat or cold. Available both over-the-road and intermodal, our capability ensures your goods get to market safe and intact anywhere in Mexico, U.S. Canada and Central America.

Chilled Shipments

Cargo that needs to be transported chilled is generally: fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. These products have to maintain the required temperature to preserve the product until it delivers to the market. These products require sophisticated, expensive monitoring devices to maintain the required temperature, since minute temperature adjustments are necessary to maintain the correct temperature. If the temperature is too low, the product will freeze and spoil. If the temperature is too high, the product will ripen and spoil. Therefore, the controlled temperature technology prolongs shelf life of products or significantly extends them.

Frozen Shipments

Cargo that needs to be transported frozen mainly consists of meat and seafood, frozen shipments are much more easily transported. Temperature differences may be slightly greater as the cargo needs to be maintained in a frozen state.

The most common commodities shipped via refrigerated food grade trailers are: meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and dairy products. However, below is a more comprehensive list: