Perishable shipments are those that, due to their nature, will spoil without proper care and handling. This includes, but is not limited to, fresh fruit, vegetable, meat, fish and flowers. Perishable shipments are sensitive to temperature extremes and acceptance of these types of commodities may be contingent on fewest transit stops and minimum transit time. At DYLO, we make sure that perishables arrive / depart on time and in good condition.

DYLO meets the packaging requirements to help ensure the freshness of your shipment as well as protect the aircraft from damage caused by leaking boxes or shipping containers. Perishable products may be subjected to harsh environmental conditions, such as excessive temperature or humidity on the way to their destination. With careful packaging, DYLO can protect your products by providing appropriate temperature protection or stability.

All types of perishables are handled according to the unique requirements of each type. The refrigeration conditions are maintained throughout the complete logistic chain, including the flight, the warehouse storage, and the trucking to final destination.

Temperature control

DYLO offers air solutions to meet your temperature-control freight shipping needs.

During shipping, with the proper combination of insulation and refrigerants to preserve products like seafood, plants, meat and fruits as well as dairy, medical and chemical products, DYLO can maintain products within specific temperature ranges. Freight is transported in temperature-controlled cargo containers and exclusive-use temperature-controlled vehicles are used for initial pickups and final deliveries.

At DYLO we know how to keep products frozen, or prevent products from freezing. We can prevent melting and thawing in hot weather and minimize the effects of short-term temperature variations. In every situation, the optimal combination of components is influenced by the payload's dimensions and temperature requirements, ambient temperature, type of transit, and shipping duration. Our environmental awareness, coupled with our forward looking perspective, ensures the continued availability of safe, efficient, and responsible refrigeration equipment for the transport of temperature-controlled freight worldwide.